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Dr. Maik Veste is researcher at CEBra - Center of Energy Technology of Brandenburg e.V., Cottbus and lecturer at the University of Hohenheim. His research and teaching employs an integrative approach that merges plant ecophysiology and ecosystem processes, with the aim of understanding how plants and ecosystems are affected by environmental stress and disturbances. A key question is the integration of plant ecophysiology into ecosystem functioning. We investigate photosynthesis, gas exchange, soil-plant interactions of desert plants as well the ecologcial functions of biological soil crusts. Presently, the research focus is on ecophysiology and ecosystem processes in reclaimed ecosystems in the temperate zone of Europe and understanding tree-crop interactions in agroecosystems in Southern Africa. 


  • Study of biology (botany, zoology, microbiology, biochemistry) at the Westfälische-Wilhelms Universität Münster
  • PhD at the University of Hohenheim, Thesis Ecological behaviour of desert plants - Integration of ecophysiological adaptation strategies from plants to ecosystems.
  • Lecturer for ecophysiology and ecosystem processes
    at the University of Hohenheim
  • For more information please Maik´s CV or Researchgate profile 

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