Environmental Physiology and Functional Ecology

Soils, plants and ecosystems 

Plant Functional EcologyClimateBIOCRUST: Physiological activity of biocrustsANFOREK - Reclaimed post-mining site in Welzow Süd, Lower LusatiaAgroSolarSystems: Tree-crop interactions in AgroLandscapes (South Africa)Influence of climate on vegetation in arid and semi-arid ecosystemsEcological functions of biocrustsEcophysiological adapation of plants in extreme ecosystemsApplied research for reclamation of post-mining sites in Lower LusatiaAgroSolarSystems: tree-crop interactions in South Africa

General research themes include:

  • Ecophysiology and stress physiology of plants 
  • Soil-plant interactions
  • Functional ecology of biological soil crusts / biocrusts
  • Linking ecophysiology and ecosystem processes for understanding tree-crop interactions
  • Effects of microclimate on plants and microhabitats
  • Synthesis of long-term data from sensor networks
  • Ecology of arid and semi-arid systems
  • Reclamation ecology and ecosystem development

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